Time has changed. The revolution started, and in the world of private aviation, Global Airjet makes a difference. Global Airjet, like you, is dedicated to a better way forward, moving people - and the light jet industry - into new territories. It's where the spirit of hospitality and lifestyle takes flight.

At Global Airjet, we deliver a platform that will give you access to more than 7000 aircrafts, you gain access to 10 times more airports, and enjoy calm, privacy, for much more productivity.

We believe that luxury and high standards should be democratized and accessible. Our keyword is safety. Choose Global Airjet as your best ally for your adventures around the world, choose high security standards, professionalism, expertise and devotion. Because at Global Airjet we love to make you fly.

Enjoy a unique experience for your holidays, your business days, your family days, your events.

Enjoy a flight and service with the best of team you may ever find on the market. Relax, breathe and smile, because you are safe and secure, because you deserve comfort, and to be in the best hands you can imagine.




Our Planes

Because you deserve to fly on the best aircrafts. At Global Airjet we propose a different panel of aircrafts, with particular focus on security. Take a look at our different planes!

Our Planes

Safety and comfort are accessible

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