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Global Airjet team is dedicated to a better way forward, moving people - and the jet industry - into new territories.  


We believe that luxury and high standards should be democratized and accessible. Choose Global Airjet as your best ally for your adventures around the world, choose high security standards, professionalism, expertise and devotion. At Global Airjet, our various aircrafts are ready to take off all over the world to allow our customers to travel on short, medium or long haul. In close collaboration with Global Travel, the tailor-made travel conciergerie, we can add all kind of services. 

Global Airjet Experience

We offer unparalleled service and support to provide an elevated travel experience from end-to-end. Enter Global Group Galaxy and discover all of its lifestyle offer.

Unparalleled value

Our pricing is more competitive than most of Private Jet platforms. Get an asset-light or a full and fractional jet ownership, invest in your time and grow with us.

Health & Safety

We provide with a secure way to travel in uncertain times ‒ with the assurance of our operational excellence, exemplary safety records, and the possibility to get a VIP Protection and exacting cleanliness standards. in collaboration with GA Political

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