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We help you find ways to maximize your travel experience with a unique savoir-faire and experience. Our clients are 100% satisfied, because your time is precious and more valuable than money but... would you say no to saving more and earn exclusive access to VIP services for less ?

This is a service you won't find anywhere else. This a service your regular travel agent will never tell you about, because he does not know about it.

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Lifestyle Conciergerie

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Lifestyle Conciergerie

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They chose us, and this is what they got.

Our client flies on a weekly basis around Europe in Private Jets for less than flying commercial.

Our client flew to Cameroun from Paris and saved 1700$ for a Business Class.

Our client saved $4,000 by changing his travel dates by one day.

Our clients get upgrades, free breakfast and spa vouchers at 5 stars hotels around the world.

Our client saved $200 by flying in Business Class instead of Economy on a flight from Europe to Australia. She stopped in Bangkok on the way to Sydney and even got a free 1-hour massage in between flights.

Our client flew on Lufthansa First Class between the Europe and the US for less than $2,000.

For a three-weeks safari in Tanzania, the client payed less than $1,500 per person for flying in Business Class from Europe. Economy tickets were more expensive.

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